Employee Owned

Service Driven

MCE Corporation was founded in 1983 by Maynard Crowther, at the urging of Kinnear Smith and Don Haney. MCE was to be an “open shop” general contractor pursuing concrete and asphalt work with Pacific Gas and Electric Company, primarily in the East Bay region. Over the years MCE has been mistakenly thought of as Maynard Crowther Enterprises, but in fact the initials stand for Maintenance, Construction and Engineering and represent all facets of services we still offer today.

It took several months, but MCE was awarded its first contract in July of 1983, at which time Don’s son, Greg Haney came to work with Maynard on the project. Greg stuck around after the project was completed and was a key player in MCE successfully bidding its first of many PG&E patch paving contracts in the East Bay, in 1984.

During the same year, MCE contracted with the City of Dublin to clear weeds in median strips throughout the city. This lead to an annual contact to provide full city maintenance services. There were growing pains during the first few years, but Maynard was able to convince his long time friend, Stan Smalley to join MCE, who combined with Steve Loweree, project Superintendent, were able to dramatically improve our performance and retain the City of Dublin as a long-term client.

From these early experiences MCE developed two operating divisions, which continue to operate today; Construction and Maintenance.

The Construction division performs a wide range of infrastructure improvement projects, specializing in commercial and industrial site projects.  The division performs asphalt and concrete repair as well as grading and drainage improvements.  We have a long list of long time, repeat customers, PG&E among them, and offer our services in a wide variety of industries.

The Maintenance division works exclusively for public agencies and performs a full range of maintenance service and management functions.  These include park and landscape maintenance, street and drainage maintenance and building maintenance and most other maintenance functions associated with municipal maintenance.  In addition, we provide consulting services to municipalities looking to contract services and a web based quality assurance program.

Maynard, President and CEO, Greg, Sr. Vice President – Construction and Stan, Executive Vice President – Maintenance stayed together and managed MCE through 2004.  At that time Maynard was ready to retire, but wanted the company to be able to continue.  So, he, together with Greg and Stan, created the MCE ESOP.