MCE Corporation Employee
Stock Ownership Plan & Trust (ESOP)

The MCE Corporation ESOP was created in 2004 as a means to allow the company to continue operations beyond the working lives of its founders, Maynard, Greg and Stan. MCE has long believed its greatest asset and key to longevity has been directly related to its good fortune in finding and retaining dedicated employees. This idea made the transition to employee ownership an easy and realistic decision.

While some ESOP’s use leverage (debt) to become fully funded owners at their inception, MCE elected to use contributed profits to fund its acquisition and avoid debt. From its inception in 2004 through 2020, MCE Corporation has funded every penny used to purchase shares through its earned profits! As of May 2020 MCE completed the full transition to ESOP ownership and is now proudly 100% ESOP owned!!!

Since 2004, all qualified employees now share in MCE’s growth and prosperity by obtaining beneficial interests in the shares of the company, at no cost to them (beyond their hard work and dedication). MCE is proud to be able to share the success of the company directly with the employees who work so hard every day. ESOP’s are established to inspire a sense of ownership in the company, enabling them to strive for a common goal of success, which in turn benefits them upon retirement.

“We are proud to be able to share the success of our company directly with the people who helped us get here – our employees” said MCE’s President Jeff Core. “We have a great team who deserves to be rewarded for their hard work and the ESOP structure gives us the means to do just that!”

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